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+91-11-25 356 545
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Latest News
  • New Reconstructive and Regenerative Centre is fully operational now.
  • Breast Specialty Clinic is now operational
  • Holistic Naturopathy Clinic opens
  • Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Centre opens
List of Consultants/Specialists
Physician & Cardiologist
1. Dr. P.S Tomar Medical Director
2. Dr. Vinod Gupta MBBS, MD
3. Dr. N. Kalra MBBS, MD
4. Dr. Rakesh MIttal MBBS, MD
5. Dr. Pramod Kumar MBBS, MD, DM
6. Dr. B. Kishore MBBS, MD
7. Dr. Prem Singh MBBS, MD

1. Dr. Deepa Bajaj MBBS, MD, DGO
2. Dr. Deepti Gupta MBBS, MD, DGO

1. Dr.RR Mohonti MBBS, MS
2. Dr. Nishi gupta MBBS, MS

Child Speciallist
1. Dr. Ashish garg MBBS, DNB
2. Dr. Naresh kumar MBBS, DCH

Ortho Surgeon
1. Dr. Ajeet gupta MBBS, MS
2. Dr.MC Pokhariyal MBBS, MS Ortho)
3. Dr. Rahul kumar MBBS, MS

1. Dr. Rajnees gulati MBBS, MD ,DM
2. Dr.Shri Ram Agarwal MBBS, MD, DM

ENT Specialist
1. Dr. Rajiv Goel MBBS, MS
2. Dr. Lalit Narang MBBS, MS

1. Dr.Pawan Mahata MBBS, MD, DM
2. Dr. Dinesh Suman MBBS, MD, DM

1. Dr. Deepak Jain MBBS, MS

Eye Specialist
1. Dr.MK Chawla MBBS, MS ,AIIMS
2. Dr.O.N Goel MBBS, MS, DDUH

Skin Specialist
1. Dr. Dileep Kumar MBBS, MD, AIIMS
2. Dr. S.C Bharja MBBS, MD, AIIMS

Neuro Surgeon
1. Dr. Subodh Gupta MBBS, MS